back to the days of bonne bell

oh em gee.

so on my most recent trip to sephora i toyed around with smashbox’s new heartbreaker collection. my most favorite treat in the bunch sent me reeling right back to the days when i used to raid the aisles of cvs in search of the latest and greatest lip smacker gloss. i had every flavor and version (though most were in wild cherry, my fave): rolly, liquid, the shimmers that hooked on to my backpack zipper, you name it. well, i’m happy to report that a) you can still purchase most lip smacker products online and b)  smashbox has grown the whole idea up a bit – but, just a bit. the final product is, after all, bubble gum pink and sparkly. the new rollerball lip gloss can be worn by itself for a princessy pink pout or over your favorite lipstick for a bit of sheen and glitter.

i. am. in. love!


3 thoughts on “back to the days of bonne bell

  1. Yes! Its almost clear, just a hint of color with a little sparkle/shimmer but not too much. Also the consistency is thinner than other glosses and it’s not sticky at all, which is great. =)


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