fuller fringe

2009 saw the introduction of prescription lash serums like latisse to the scene which promised to boost lashes so significantly, some customers would find the need to trim them back! new for twenty-ten is the idea of adding growth-stimulating ingredients to the mascaras that we already apply each morning and first to market is l’oreal’s double extend lash boosting mascara, an update of a glossarie fave. the original coated lashes with an extender and then magnified them with a tubing mascara for a long lush, envy-inducing effect. this one does the same but includes a formula that actually stimulates lashes to grow longer and stronger making it an unbeatable ten dollar triple threat. since the first one worked wonders for my lashes, i can’t wait to get my hands on this new version!

have you tried it? tell us in the comments!


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