plum pretty


oh, clinique. just when i think you’ve gone and got boring you wow me yet again. this time it’s with the 2009 holiday collection and the standout blusher, shimmering stripes powder in tuxedo plum. true, it’s very reminiscent of a bobbi brown shimmerbrick but its violet tones make it so unique. packed with four shades, it serves as an all-over highlighter or blush and its stripes can even be swiped individually to be used as eyeshadow. the colors are just gorgeous and i love that you can isolate your brush on the top for  a deeper blush or on the bottom for a more subtle glow. if i recall from previous years, these limited edition shimmer compacts tend to sell out quickly so get to or a counter quickly to secure your dose of plum pretty.


2 thoughts on “plum pretty

  1. I love the colors from this palette, sometimes I wished that would be eyeshadows instead of powder :). Actually I love the entire collection from Clinique Black Tie Violets, their lipstick is already a best-seller. :)


  2. with the right primer, the stripes can definitely be used as shadows! i agree about the whole collection + i’m not at all surprised about the lipstick. i’ve got my eye on it, too! thanks so much for stopping by


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