brush up on the escentuals


i’m a powder foundation girl. i just like the way it enhances my natural tone but never reveals where the makeup ends and my skin begins. i have found that the investment in one amazing brush can make almost any powder super easy to apply and help it last forever. for me, that investment is the full flawless face brush (fffb) by bare escentuals. this brush is generously sized, very soft, and grabs onto makeup minerals depositing them exactly where they belong. i’m such a fan of this brush that i’ve recently replaced my previous fffb with a new model, which says a lot because anytime i finish something off and have an excuse to test something new, i’m all over it. so if you’re a powder girl looking for your brush holy grail, hop on over to your local b.e. boutique, ulta, or sephora.


One thought on “brush up on the escentuals

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