totally tubular


there are few things worthy of a weekend post (ok, so maybe that’s a lie) and today’s saturday spotlight is a product update so exciting that it couldn’t wait until monday. beauties of all ages and levels of expertise have been dipping their fingers into rosebud’s tin pot for over a century — because it’s just that good — so it’s about time this cult fave got a little package makeover. while it’s true, the stuff works miracles on cuticles, gone are the days of wondering where to wipe glossy fingers after application because today and everyday moving forward, smith’s rosebud salve now lives in a TUBE! so for those of you who understand how truly remarkable and life changing this news is, say goodbye to greasy digits and hello to gorgeously moisturized lips. and for those of you who’ve avoided rosebud salve, there are no longer any valid excuses for not adopting this $6 wonderbalm. happy glossin’!

2 thoughts on “totally tubular

  1. This is AMAZING to me. I have been using this stuff for about 8 years and love it. You have no clue how many times it has liquified in the heat and spilled onto my car carpet and the lining of my purses. I can’t wait to get this! Thanks Lara!


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