soothing soy

the leaves are falling in our nation’s capital and it’s time for me to switch from a light, mattifying moisturizer to one that nourishes and soothes my tight, super-sensitive skin. i’ve been testing a small army of skincare to find the perfect storm and i think i’ve discovered eden with fresh’s soy face cream. this velvety lotion glides on without clogging pores and its rockstar combination of vitamins and active ingredients actually renew skin to create a more supple, healthy glow. also worth noting: its intoxicating spa-like scent (thanks to an infusion of rosewater) and its amino acids which continually hydrate throughout the day keeping my face smooth and soft, yet never greasy. at under $40 for a generous tube, fresh has got gold on its hands with this one.


One thought on “soothing soy

  1. Ohhh, I love Fresh and can’t wait to try this one. Did you know that if you bring in 5 containers of old makeup to Sephora today you can get $10 off a purchase. May have to buy this cream. Love the blog and desperately need your beauty advice!


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