so scents-ible

the task of choosing a signature scent is always daunting. not only is smelling dozens of perfumes overwhelming, fragrances smell different on everyone so beauty counter recommendations are rarely a dependable source of information. well fear not my lovelies because the brilliant beauty gurus at marie claire have created a clever quiz to help you discover your signature scent! the 21 questions range from “how do you want your fragrance to make you feel?” to “what’s your home decor style?” even covering topics like your favorite dessert and what body part you most prefer to show off. it’s super fun, takes minutes, and the result is three to six personally picked perfumes to explore. once you’ve got that precious list in hand, run down to sephora and start sampling. my personal calling card, viktor & rolf flowerbomb, is up above. don’t forget to come back to tell us if the quiz worked for you and if so, which new scent is yours all yours!


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