sephora’s on sale!

salebig name beauty is going for a fraction of the price at! well over 100 items are listed at up to 75% off and that is a temptation this addict just cannot resist. let me direct your attention to a few (of many!) incredible deals:

  • this palette from smashbox has been on my lust list for awhile. now you can snag the lip quad / shadow quad / blush duo combo for $32.
  • bare escentuals siren of the sea seven piece collection. the clutch alone is worth the $39 pricetag!
  • juicy loves sephora lip gloss charm. these pieces are practically collectors items so if the adorable bowler-shaped gloss doesn’t bowl you over, sell it on ebay
  • sugar tropic tan loose powder bronzer. $12. that’s all i’m sayin’

if you haven’t abandoned this post all together to scoot on over to sephora, you’d better move it! good things don’t last forever.


One thought on “sephora’s on sale!

  1. Ok, that does it…I have been trying to resist buying new beauty products until I have depleted the lame ones I have, but I can’t hold out any longer! Thanks for the tip, and thanks for all your previous posts–I am totally pilfering your previous entries and going on an online Sephora rampage…somebody stop me! :) Love, love, love the blog and all of your finds! xoxo


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