lordy, lordy kiehl’s is 40!

i discovered kiehl’s maybe five years ago on the prowl for a perfectly pampering valentine’s day gift for my man. after filling a big kiehl’s tin to its brim with this, that, and the sexiest scent ever created i was quickly hooked. considering kiehl’s has hit the big 4-0, it’s so refreshing to see that they can strike a balance between old-time favorites and trend-setting new products. in celebration of this milestone year, kiehl’s has packaged five flavored lip balms along with their original lip balm #1. the whole set of six is priced at the cost of four and includes mango, vanilla, coconut, mint, and cranberry. like all good things, it’s a limited edition so snap it up quick and either keep the kissable stash for yourself or gift the spares to your favorite gals. happy birthday, kiehls!


2 thoughts on “lordy, lordy kiehl’s is 40!

    • definitely do! i think i’m guilty of kicking off steve’s product obsession but he smells good all the time and i can’t say i hate that one bit


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