that’s “farewell!” in portuguese.

paul and joe beaute pouch

paul and joe beaute pouch

i’m off on a shiny adventure to spain and portugal for the next two weeks. i’ll miss you all terribly but plan to scavenge the shops and markets abroad for some well-kept european beauty secrets to share with you when i return. just what, exactly, are those across-the-pond-women lusting after for skincare and beauty perfection? we shall soon find out!

since travel (especially the international kind) brings about its own beauty challenges, i thought i’d share a few of my favorite take-alongs!

  • i’ll be on a moisture-sucking plane for hours and just cannot stand how it dries out my skin. a mini bottle of this stuff can be a true life saver
  • don’t forget about those lippies! pop one of these in your carryon for comfort and i bet you anything your travel companion even dips into it before landing.
  • these travel candles are amazing! they can zap the musty smell of any foreign hotel room and make me feel right at home
  • waltzing around gardens and castles in the august heat can do a number on my fair skin. i’ll be keeping this handy spf close by to avoid the dreaded sunglass tan

so tchau for now, beauties. i’ll catch you on the flip side!


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