wanting mor

mori’m not sure i could do these lip delights the justice that their creator, mor cosmetics has done:

“brightly colored tins, filled with delectable glosses, beckon to be sampled like sweet confections. kaleidoscopes of colour, like the plume of the regal peacock, recall bollywood nights and harmonious fantasy. like music to the mouth, the sheerest of sheens provides rich indulgence for lips that dream of being quenched.”

whew! quite the sexy intro.

enticing flavors include french vanilla, blood orange, peach nectar, honeysuckle, sorbet, passionflower, violetta, green tea, lychee flower, rosebud, apples, and cassis noir. each one comes individually packaged in its own romantic antique tin and inside lies a light, nongreasy glossy balm perfect for taking part in your nighttime ritual. (and one of these tins looks adorable on the nightstand!)

i’m a big fan of unique, lesser known brands and i love pulling out a pretty product for my besties to ooh and ahh over. that being said, i’m absolutely dying to stick one of these in every coat pocket i’ve got for whenever this dc humidity finally turns to wicked winter.

want your own? there are currently six flavors of mor lip delight available on hello gorgeous.


2 thoughts on “wanting mor

  1. Hi Lara,

    Thank you so much for your on going support of MOR.

    Your blog posts always are presented beautifully and the content is fantastic!

    Keep up the great work!

    MOR Marketing & Communications Department


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