a summer scent that sticks

crazystick-colognemy all-time most favorite scentmaster, crazylibelulle & the poppies, has proved its brilliance yet again. the whimsical creator of these babies brings us the first eau de cologne in a solid stick! isn’t the package simply stunning? all vintagey and romantic touting my beloved mom’s birthday, nonetheless. pop the top and things get even better inside, revealing the quintessential scent for summer: soft notes of orange, plum, rose, and peach for a truly sexy combination that won’t overwhelm. fans of crazysticks will happily notice a newly transparent and smooth formula that’s a bit less waxy than previous ‘sticks. i believe c & the p have really outdone themselves on this one. can it be that a $16 solid can take the place of my luxury signature? time will tell!

june 26th, ile d’yeu comes online any day now, but in the meantime, dash over to our besties at beautyhabit and receive an adorable free tote with any crazylibelulle & the poppies purchase!


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