crisp champagne
so, here’s a little something you might not know: this beauty blogger is newly engaged(!). it’s thrilling, don’t get me wrong, but boy is it ever just the teensiest bit (ok, it’s insanely) stressful. it’s as if people actually think my engagement ring came complete with its own wedding date. you know, kind of like one of these guys with a birth certificate. not so, my lovelies. not even close. so to de-stress and remain sane, i’ve been keeping close company with a delightful crisp champagne scented pedestal candle from voluspa. it’s both fitting for the occasion (bubbly, wedding, you get the idea) and i swear it goes right to my head calming my frazzled pre-bridal nerves. i only wish i could burn it at my work desk without my fellow cubicle mates thinking i’m nuts. and whilst it’s not totally beauty related, mental health is of the utmost importance as the source of one’s inner glow.

now tell me, beauties, how do you keep calm and carry on?

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