mineral mascara madness


after reading a tempting review in this month’s lucky, i sped over to my local kiehl’s counter to sample marvelous mineral mascara. i think the only reason i waited this long is due to several previous natural mascara disappointments like this (let’s just say smudge-o-rama). i prefer bambi-like blam lashes so you can see my hesitancy in turning towards a more natural look. kiehl’s, however, has brought the best of both worlds. i have fallen in love with the resulting long fluttery lashes that look like they’re home grown! the black color adds a little extra glossy drama that compliments anyone. best of all, i’m no longer putting chemicals near my somewhat sensitive eyes. keeper!

flawless definition

now, as for my latest case of lash lust, i must admit that i am not a patient girl, bloggettes. when i catch wind of something new and exciting, i want it before anyone else. and let me tell you, i have caught the impulse bug bigtime with an up & coming mascara from bare minerals called flawless definition. it made its pretty debut on qvc as part of the sea yourself collection you spy up above but it’s not yet available on its own. so if you’re like me and just can’t wait to give that charming little black tube a test drive, hop on over to your local ulta and grab a free deluxe trial of the goodstuff with any bareMinerals purchase. then hurry back and let us know what you think! is my impetuous pouting justified? or are my wishes for a second mineral mascara that delivers still out of reach?


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