two liners to love

i was not born with a steady hand and i am tragically unskilled in the application of eyeliner (hence the lack of pencil-lovin’ posts around here!). there have been, however, two mistake-proof saving graces for my poor naked eyelids and i’m sharing them both with you today. so, read on & enjoy!

super slim'n'sexy


first up is tarte emphaseyes, billed as a natural high definition skinny mini twist up pencil. its very fine point makes the perfect tool for filling in gaps between the drawn line and your lashes so it’s easy to build that perfect even-all-the-way-across stripe. bonus: it also never needs to be sharpened. available in five shades, black is a must have for all you beauty minimalists out there!

creamy & dreamy

creamy & dreamy

on the flip side is urban decay’ 24/7, a bolder thicker super smooth glider available in (wait for it) 19 bright hues. the silky formula is beyond easy to apply and it stays really soft for smudging and blending then dries to a waterproof finish sure to last through your best dance marathon.

welp, there ya have it. two of sephora’s most highly reviewed eyeliners further endorsed by the glossarie!


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