two treats for tips from essie

triple threat

triple threat

nothing screams summer like the perfect pedi peeking out of your favorite beat-up flops or those splurge-worthy open toe strappy wedges. it’s no surprise that essie, creator of my all time favorite shade  for toes brings us icing on the cake to any pretty polish. their 3-way glaze serves as a strengthener, basecoat, and topcoat plus adds the perfect gloss to any color giving that super shiny almost wet look.

it's matte-ning!

it's matte-ning!

on the flip side of super girly, shockingly shiny brights is the latest trend in nails: flatte out matte! keeping themselves forever relevant and on the heels this trend after competitors OPI and knock out have released their own matte collections, essie releases matte about you this july.  most recommended for deep jewel tones and vampy darks, i have to say i love the idea of one bottle that changes any polish to a funky matte finish. fun!


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