tarte frXtion sugar exfoliator + lip balm duo

tarte cosmetics fRxtion

tarte cosmetics' fRxtion prescription

i’ve long debated the need for a lip exfoliant. i mean, can’t you just brush them with your toothbrush and call it a day? perhaps. but once in awhile, a product comes along that’s so brilliant, such a multitasking force to be reckoned with, that i have to share. the glowing compliments for tarte costmetics fRxtion begin with its uber wallet-friendly price point of $11. from there, i’ve got to spotlight its high tech packaging with pop-out mirror (worth keeping in your purse just for that!). as for the product itself, this two-faced tube sports a naturally gentle sugar crystal lip scuff on one side and a soothing vanilla lip balm on the other.

how to use: after you scuff, follow up with the balmy goodness full of aloe vera, jojoba and wheat germ oils, chamomile extract and Vitamin E. the result is perfectly exfoliated, healthy lips which will keep your glosses and ‘sticks from feathering and drying out. hooray!


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