oscar blandi pronto dry shampoo to go

second-day hair saver!

second-day hair saver!

it’s been a big week for dry shampoo after heidi montag’s meltdown on this reality television disaster (someone – gasp! – “stole” hers). oscar blandi saved me this past weekend as well. i was child wrangling x5 at a wedding and not quite able to get any private time to wash & straighten my hair. alas, i turned to my trusty pronto powder, rubbing a quarter-sized amount between my hands and fluffing into my part. the result? any excess oil was absorbed without over-drying & i had instant volume boost all day long! (which was great since i was still expected to dress for and attend all wedding events)

tip: if you can plan ahead, i recommend putting pronto in right before bed. this avoids the martha washington-esque look that us gals with chocolatey brown locks might be prone to.

so whilst i hate to put myself in the same camp as heidi, i guess it just goes to show what a valuable travel tool this stuff can truly be!


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