stila convertible mascara

i’ve always been a two mascara kind of girl needing one that’s all length, giving me fluttery nearly-natural looking lashes for the work day, and a second that gives voluminous barbarella fierceness for nights out on the town. in my mission to simplify, simplify, simplify i have found the mascara holy grail! stila’s convertible mascara solves both my lash dilemmas bringing two full-size formulas together to define, lengthen, curl, and strengthen. the brush on the left brings length and volume leaving you with gorgeous lashes for daytime and the one on the right packs a definitive punch that separates, thickens & curls causing peepers to POP! since it’s a tube formula, it doesnt flake, smudge or melt down after cocktail-inspired dance offs and it comes off in a cinch with warm water. amazing! at $22, convertible is worth every penny, especially since $11 is about what you pay for one drugstore mascara these days.

out of stock on stila’s website (new shipment coming soon!), you can still snag convertible at sephora!

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