coola suncare


play it coola

organic moisturizing skincare? sounds almost too good to be true! well believe it, baby. this truly is prestige suncare with advanced sun protection at the right price. created by a sibling pair on a mission to bring luxe sun safety to eco-conscious consumers, coola is designed to care for and protect those of us who want to keep our skin healthy without the need to apply harmful ingredients. while i’m not always impressed with the strength of certified organic products, coola has proven its weight in gold! this complete line includes products for lips, face, body, and even an ultra sweat-resistant sport version that’s endorsed by the american lifeguard association. coola products come in yummy scents like mango, plumeria, cucumber, and peppermint-vanilla. (each product also comes in an unscented formula perfect for manfriends.) i’m loving the liplux and total body spf 30. so come on, all the coola kids are doin’ it!


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