smashbox single eyeshadow in honey

you are my candy girl

you are my candy girl

dean factor, president of smashbox cosmetics, is an alumni of the university where i spend my work-filled days and mba class-filled nights. lucky me, that means i’ve met him & even picked his brain on the secret of success.

grandsons of the max factor, dean & bro davis launched an uber successful photography studio and later the cosmetic line we’ve come to know and love. big supporters of the belief that good ideas can come from anywhere (the name from smashbox studios came from their british chef!), the duo also backed & launched stila (another glossarie fave!) after witnessing the brilliance of one of their makeup artists in mixing her own color and lip polishes.

history aside, my favorite smashbox item to date is the single eye shadow in honey. it’s my go-to shadow for everyday perfectly brightening and enhancing my sleepy peepers. the formula has a gorgeous cashmere texture that’s hypo-allergenic, a big plus for the eye area and to keep things even more simple, i prefer to apply it with my index finger.

do you have a smashbox favorite? if so, tell us!


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