duwop icedteas

duwop iced teas in strawberry kiwi

duwop iced teas in strawberry kiwi

new from duwop is a line of translucent lip treatments called icedteas. flavored with fruity goodness, subtly cooling, and packing a punch of sheer color, these are not to be missed! arriving in four shades, i opted for white peach (a sheer pink). i was disappointed at the barely-there color of the product, but once on lips it delivers a wash of healthy, poppy pink that instantly soothed my parched pucker. duwop claims these include sunscreen but i find no mention of spf anywhere, so be sure to wear a sunsafe lippie underneath. these natural tints are a cinch to apply, no mirror necessary, and are sure to keep you poolside pretty!


3 thoughts on “duwop icedteas

  1. 10% off all DuWop lip products including new Icedteas (excluding Lip Venom V)! For three days only (June 22nd – 24th, 2009). Offer ends at midnight, EST. Remember to enter code: SUMMERLIPS at checkout. As always, free ground shipping on orders $50 or more!


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